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Joining the League of Gentlemen Empty Joining the League of Gentlemen

Post  Little Birdie on Mon Dec 03, 2007 8:58 pm

The League of Gentlemen is a multi-winged alliance on S4 of Travian, with its current stronghold in the South West, with many strong wings. There are also smaller, but expanding, wings in the other sections of the board.

We are now actively recruiting the right type of player:

- Dedicated
- Active (logs on, on average, at least twice a day and usually much more)
- A team player - ready to communicate with other wing/alliance members using IGM and the forums
- An experienced player OR a new player willing to learn fast, to read all the forums, guides, rules, ask advice and follow it
- Not a farm, either of our alliance or other players

- In addition, each wing has varying requirements for population size and size of army:

For prospective membership, look at the wing closest to you and see if you meet the membership requirements as stated on the in-game alliance page:


NE: LoG.

SE: LoG..

At any given time there will also be probationary wings of the League of Gentlemen. Members of these will be granted full access to the forums once the status of their alliance is confirmed as a full wing of the League of Gentlemen.

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